About us

Founded by mom of two, Jana Leonard and Fashion Designer, Ricci JVR, Messages for Mama is a brand that truly understands the 4th trimester and the uncertainties moms face during the first 12 weeks of her newborn’s life.

Messages for Mama encourages you to find comfort and encouragement in the intimate moments alone with your newborn. A brand that loves you as much as you love your baby. Your own little cheerleader in the moments of self doubt and when feeling overwhelmed. A brand that holds your hand in the middle of the night when you feel tired, reassuring you of your value when you feel the pressure of social expectations and comparisons. A little reminder that you are good and strong enough, you are exactly what your baby needs and you are valued and loved even when you do not feel like it!

Welcome to a world of modern baby accessories, we manufacture items you actually need and want (and want to gift to someone). Each Messages for Mama item is accessorised with an encouraging message for mom to read and feel encouraged when the moments get tough - when the days are long and the nights are even longer. Being a new mom (whether to 1, 3 of 5 babies) is difficult and every baby comes with its own challenges and demands. A Mama is the primary caretaker for a newborn’s first 3 months of its life and it’s she that needs those Messages that says “you are not alone, we’ve got this - you’ve got this!”.